Friday, January 19, 2007

Own a MacBook or MacBook Pro? Pay to activate your PreN.

Rumors have been spreading across the web over the past few days that Apple would be charging their MacBook and MacBook Pro customers for the firmware upgrade that would allow their network cards to connect to wireless PreN networks. The cards already happily connect to A, B, and G networks. One would assume that Apple would want to sell more of the new AirPort Extreme Base Stations and thus would push out the updates for free just like they push out iPod firmware updates for free.

However, the news today is that Apple will be charging $2 for the firmware for "accounting purposes"...

Is it just me or should Apple be charging some of their most recent customers and many of them "switchers" $2 so that they can use faster wireless networks? Why not give the software out for free?

(via cnet BuzzOutLoud)


pvandyke said...

Basically this stems from Apple being in between a rock and a hard place because they need to both appease shareholders and the SOX legislation. If they were to list the 802.11n functionality, it would have had to be itemized and working for the consumer. They have to represent it to shareholders in the form of additional income because they couldn't claim its functionality at release - hence the 1.99 charge (which is pretty much entirely to cover the charge fee).

They also haven't announced any issues they have with you downloading the drivers from a third party an installing them - there is no instituted check announced.

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