Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cablevision Appeals DVR Ruling

Cablevision Systems Corp. appealed a federal court ruling today that blocked the rollout of a new DVR service. Cablevision is claiming the US District Court Ruling last month misapplied copyright law to its remote-storage DVR. Cablevision's system would allow any cable subscriber with a cable box to have a DVR-like service by storing an playig shows on computer servers maintained by Cableivion. This saves the need to install hardware in every home. They're arguing that the service was permissible since the control of recording and playback was in the hands of consumers. Cablevision is also using the Betamax decision to arguen in their favor. This case is being watched by a lot of people in the cable TV industry since it could increase the rate of consumption of dvr services.

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