Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spiderman 3: Webisode Contest Encourages Remixing

Target has teamed up with the creators of Spiderman 3 (and it's hip-to-the-youth-culture marketing department) and jumped on the student-film-maker/youtube bandwagon with their "Spiderman 3 Make Your Own Webisode Contest" and sweepstakes.
It's cool that they're explicitely allowing people to mess with their copyrighted materials, but sort of sad that, predictably, there are also so many restrictions on what is "fair game":

Overview. Eligible entrants compete for prizes by submitting an originally created
video portraying the Spider-Man character (and, at their option, other authorized Spider-Man movie villains) in
an audiovisual presentation in a digital format, including but not limited to pre-recorded video, instantaneous
webcam recording, claymation, or animation (“Webisode”) that the entrant submits to the contest site located at
target.com/spiderman3 (the “Contest Site”). Sponsor hereby grants permission to each eligible participant in
the Webisode Competition to portray the Spider-Man character, and the authorized Spider-Man movie villains,
and to use the approved music tracks, sound effects and background imagery provided on the Contest Site to
create his or her Webisode(s), subject to these Official Rules and the Waiver (as defined below)...

1 iv. Their Webisode complies with each of the following requirements:
• It must portray the Spider-Man character.
• If the Webisode includes any characters other than Spider-Man, it may ONLY portray (a) one
or more of the following approved Spider-Man movie villains: Green Goblin, Doc Ock,
Sandman, Venom, and/or New Goblin; and/or (b) other characters that are the original, sole
and exclusive creation of entrant.
• If the Webisode includes any music, only the music provided on the Contest Site may be

etc. etc.

What I'm wondering, is what happenst to the poor guy who works so hard on his webisode, accidentally uses a character not pre-approved or a song other than whats provided...Will he be merely disqualified or prosecuted?


RCN said...

My buddy and I made a hilarious spiderman webisode but accidentally put our names in the end credits, which we later found out was against the rules. We posted our webisode 20 min. before deadline and were wondering if the ones on the website were the only ones available in the contest

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