Monday, April 9, 2007

Scott Adams Compares Violating Copyright to Stealing Underwear

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, believes that illegal filesharing is equivalent to stealing someone's underwear, cleaning it, and returning it. Um, what?

He's not arguing for the "if value, then right" position. Rather, he is interested in being able to choose whether to make an e-book of his work.


Also, in a subsequent post, Adams takes his readers to task for what he calls their "cognitive dissonance" in justifying copyright violations.


Tom Burke said...

I actually don't think it's that crazy of an analogy... Keep in mind, though, it seems like everyone has an analogy for file sharing, copyright violation, or theft and most all of them are bad.

Lots of people have really bad justifications for file sharing as well and given that there were about 300 comments on the underwear post, several of them probably included really bad justifications.

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