Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Major Record Labels Finally Abandon RIAA!!

In an amazing announcement the four major record labels are breaking from the RIAA. According to a spokesperson for the labels, "The major labels will no longer fight technology but embrace it. They realize selling high quality MP3 audio without DRM will give audiences the music they want in the format that want, and when fans purchase these tracks we will share a higher portion of royalties with the artist, because, lets face it, selling digital files over the net have a higher margin than CDs sold in a store.”

Larry Mattera, Warner Music's senior vice president, said it best. “It scary as hell to guys like us that have been making a living — a damn good one — by selling shiny plastic disks for $18.99 in WalMart and on Amazon, but damn, my kid is swapping songs and I can’t even stop HIM! I realized the truth in the age old adage ‘If You can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ and you know, the cassette tape didn’t kill us, the CDR didn’t either, we just got get up off our asses and figure out a better product to sell to people!”

Finally, a stunning victory in the war over DRM and free music exchange! Or is it...(check the date of the post ;)