Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sniffing Out Piracy

So here's a new way to crack down on piracy: Two trained labradors, named Lucky and Flo, were able to sniff out 50,000 bootleg DVDS in Malaysia! They were sent out last month as a way to crack down on movie piracy and it's the third time they've been successful. They're supposedly on loan to Malaysia from the MPAA. They are trained to sniff a chemical used in the disks. Malaysia is among the world's top illegal movie disc producers and exporters, according to the MPAA and the US government. It's also on the US's watch list of serious copyright violators.

But, not everyone likes dogs. Some movie pirates have reportedly placed a bounty on the two dogs (...poor Lucky and Flo). Neil Gane, the MPAA's Senior Operations Executive, said the MPAA was "taking the threat seriously" and was "factoring the threat when planning operations."

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