Tuesday, April 3, 2007

European Union Declares Apple is Violating Antitrust Laws

Today, the EU announced that an investigation has been launched into the pricing of music through Apple's iTunes store.

The EU believed that by charging different prices for music in different countries, Apple is both unfairly exploiting those countries where music is more expensive, and violating the EU's antitrust laws.

For example, in the USA a track cost $0.99, throughout the Eurozone it costs €0.99, while in the UK a track costs £0.79. With conversion rates in mind, a Euro track ought to cost €0.74, while the UK track ought to be £0.50.

While this may not be too large of a worry for Apple, since their prices are set by the music industry, it does raise the question about the value of a packet of information. Given that all countries are receiving identical data, should one country be required to pay more for the same 3.5mb of data?


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