Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AnyDVD HD Released into the Wild

Antigua-based Slysoft, a company famous for its products Clone CD, Clone DVD and AnyDVD, has just announced the commercial availablity of AnyDVD HD from its website.

AnyDVD, originally released several years ago, is a software layer that automatically strips CSS from DVDs when they are inserted into a computer, and allows a given computer to play DVDs from any region (among other things). AnyDVD HD adds the same functionality for the AACS copy-protection on HD-DVDs. This means that if you have AnyDVD HD installed on your computer, you can watch HD-DVDs without a fully HDCP-compliant media pipe. A little intro to AnyDVD from its original 2003 release by theinq:
This little utility is little more than a driver that sits below the standard windows DVD driver and does some filtering on the fly. It will change region codes to one that your drive or software finds more acceptable, and remove all those little annoyances that drive you up the wall. Things like Macrovision, Scripts, and non-skippable commercials that drive you up the #(*&^$# wall are a thing of the past. Just pick settings from the System Tray icon, and check the things you no longer want to see, and you are done.
Thank you Slysoft for giving us back the right not to have to buy overly expensive new LCDs and TVs, and allowing us to watch content on the systems we already own and love. Word on the street is that Blu-Ray will be supported in Beta by the end of the quarter as well. The current release is supported on all Windows operating systems from 98 all the way to 64bit Vista.

AnyDVD HD costs $79 and is worth every penny.

(via theinquirer)

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