Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Voters Want Open Source Software on Dell Computers

On Friday, Dell launched an effort to find out what new features its customers want most. At www.dellideastorm.com, users can suggest new ideas or vote for existing ones. Currently, a desire for pre-installed Linux machines tops the list, followed by a request for pre-installed OpenOffice, an open source alternative to Microsoft Office. In fact, the top seven items on the list involve requests for the option to ditch proprietary software in favor of open source software--or even no software at all. The lack of proprietary software (especially the Vista OS) could bring down the price of a new PC significantly. Furthermore, if Dell implements these ideas, perhaps other major manufacturers will follow suit.

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Kaj Kandler said...

You have to commend dell for running such a public improvements forum.

I'd love to see the option of OpenOffice.org pre-installed as well. However, I think this kind of distribution of open source software will trigger obligations of offering the source code as well. But what the heck they could show off the prowess of their servers to handle high loads of source download.

Chief screencast producer at Plan-B for OpenOffice.org