Saturday, February 3, 2007

Schneier on Boston ATHF Insanity

Finally! A tie to the class that will let me post about my favorite story of this or any year. Bruce Schneier was on American Public Media's Weekend America radio show offering his opinions on the incident. He talks about a concept he coined called "security theater" - actions taken in the name of security that do nothing to actually improve security, only to make people feel safer - like the immediately-post 9/11 National Guard soldiers posted at airports with unloaded guns and "The War on Moisture". Also great is the clueless DHS spokeshole staying on message with regards to "irresponsibility" of the "pranksters." For the record, THIS IS NOT A HOAX. Neither the ad creators or Turner Broadcasting intended for the ads to be seen as a threat - the clueless public and public services of Boston did that all by themselves.


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