Friday, February 16, 2007

Macrovision CEO Responds to Steve Jobs

The CEO of Macrovision, a company that specializes in creating DRM and other copy-protection schemes, has the latest response to the anti-DRM letter by Steve Jobs.

Here are the main points of the Macrovision letter, and my response to them:

1. "DRM is broader than just music"

(Sure, but that doesn't mean it is any more right to have DRM on the music)
"DRM increases not decreases consumer value"
(Adding DRM does not make products any cheaper for consumers. It also doesn't make products any more valuable, since consumers can do less with what they own. I don't know how this increases consumer value)

3. "DRM will increase electronic distribution"
(iTunes has increased electronic distribution because of their marketing, not because they use DRM)
4. "DRM needs to be interoperable and open"
(Since when has Macrovision pushed DRM that has been interoperable?)

Basically, this letter is filled with shaky arguments that you would expect from someone who makes millions from creating DRM.


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