Tuesday, February 27, 2007

super size with your cell phone

Technology is cool, we can all probably agree on that...but I don't think the potential creepy/1984-factor of it is lost on any of us, either. The BBC posted a story today about a newly implemented tech practice in Japan that allows people to pay for McDonalds via their cell phones/headsets.
Sounds convenient, sure...but quotes like this made my skin crawl just the slightest little bit:

"It gives both McDonald's and DoCoMo the opportunity to track consumers and their eating habits. Cash is more likely to be used in small transactions. Electronic payments will allow user behaviour to be tracked and used for marketing purposes,"

This feels to me like we're inching closer to seeing the metaphor cory uses for DRM (about a little man following you around after you take out money from an ATM and limiting how you use it) becoming a reality.


wai guo ren said...

Old news, but kind of related;

For years and years now, McDonalds has been secretly keeping track of what radio stations its drive thru customers are tuned into. I only learned about this recently when speaking to my friend's father - who invented the technology.

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