Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MySpace Experiments with Video Filtering

Wired News picks up an AP article about MySpace's experimental video-filtering system. Through technology licensed from Audible Magic, MySpace hopes to keep copyrighted content off its members' sites. The filtering program works by searching video for unique digital fingerprints that it compares with a database of known fingerprints of copyrighted content.

Hilariously, MySpace officials claim that "the latest offering was unrelated to Universal Music's federal lawsuit in November, accusing MySpace of illegally encouraging its users to share music and music videos on the site without permission." MySpace then proceeds to refer directly to Universal Music as a beneficiary of the filtering software:
In the video-filtering pilot, MySpace said it would block unauthorized music videos and other clips containing Universal Music Group's music, while still allowing the Vivendi SA unit and its artists to circulate promotional audio and video they authorize. MySpace, a unit of News Corp., said the tools would be available for free to other content owners as well.
(via Wired News)

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