Saturday, February 24, 2007

Viacom drinks the Joost

Viacom announced plans to deliver Paramount films and television shows on Joost, the advertising-funded, P2P-driven, TV-like service founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the duo behind Kazaa and Skype. Joost seems to have somehow calmed the angry media giant, which recently evacuated a torrential flood of takedown notices on YouTube.

In an article (stuck behind a registerwall) a market researcher is quoted as saying, "The Joost platform is in essence a closed system. The ability for piracy and content to be stolen is minimal."

Surely it's obvious by now that any amount of weakness in any DRM scheme welcomes widespread compromise. So how did Joost manage to convince Viacom that its DRM would be effective enough to prevent widespread piracy? Are Zennström and Friis ultimately pulling a FairPlay on a colossus of the entertainment industry?

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Almansi said...

I posted the beginning of your post under Cory Doctorow (Pwned blog) : Viacom Drinks the Joost on, a strange Flying Dutchman of a forum Joost opened on Jan. 18. Now we are 3 users; chronologically: the admin person who created it and apparently flew the coop, me and someone nicknamed Double.
But as they subtitled the joint "Let's Talk Joost", maybe it could be used as non-Joost-beta-testers' Joost forum?

I didn't know Joost was to have DRM protection. Get Democracy!

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