Sunday, March 18, 2007

DRM Causes 3 Out of Every 4 Customer Support Calls

Musicload, Deutsche Telekom's version of iTunes which also happens to be one of the largest online music stores in Europe, has released a new report on the problems associated with DRM. Specifically it singles out DRM and the associated effects on the marketplace and the customers. They note that this is specifically manifested in the fact that 75% of all calls to their customer service phone center relate to DRM.
Musicload said in a letter distributed last week that customers are having consistent problems with DRM, so much so that 3 out of 4 customer service calls are ultimately the result of the frustrations that come with DRM. In a business where the major music labels expect to be paid well for their source material, the costs of supporting DRM are borne entirely by the music retailers. If the labels' love affair with DRM is hurting the companies trying to make a go at selling music online, something is horribly wrong.