Friday, March 2, 2007

EA to Place Game Soundracks on iTunes / Warner Buys "Halo" Music Library

Real gamers (read: nerds) like myself know that video games can sometimes mix amazing collections of music with their gaming content. Unfortunately, we also know how hard it is to come by those compositions if aren't readily available on the net. However, a new trend might make finding that in-game music a lot easier.

On Thursday Electronic Arts announced a deal with iTunes which would allow for their in-game music libraries to be placed on on the popular music store.

... Electronic Arts, the world's largest game publisher, announced that it is teaming up with Apple to sell its catalog of soundtracks on iTunes. Licensed music from franchises such as Madden NFL, Need for Speed, and SSX are now up on the music download service, and EA promises more in the future.

Among the songs available is the retail debut of Snoop Dogg's remix of the Doors' "Riders on the Storm," which was featured in Need for Speed Underground. A list of soundtracks available on iTunes can be found at the EA Trax Web site.

In similar news, it was also announced recently that Warner/Chapell music has set up a publishing deal with Microsoft, which includes music for the epic "Halo" series. (From the same Article:)
Not to be outdone, Warner/Chappell Music has signed a deal with Microsoft for the publishing rights to the software giant's portfolio of game music, including Marty O'Donnell's scores from the Halo games.
Pretty sweet. Via Tim Surette on Gamespot.


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