Monday, March 19, 2007

Irish Dogs Sniff Out Drugs Bombs PIRACY

Two black labs trained in Ireland are being used in Malaysia to sniff out illegal CDs and DVDs. Well, sort of. They are trained to find anything containing some of the chemicals used to make optical disks. As the BBC article points out, the animals "can find, but cannot distinguish between, CDs and DVDs, burned and replicated disks, or legitimate and pirate disks."

It appears right now that they are being used in large cargo inspections, so no need to worry (yet) about being stopped and searched for bringing a DVD to watch on the plane.

And sure, it's faster than human inspection, but is it worth it? The MPAA and the Malaysian government put up $17,000 (US) for the training of two dogs. Does the MPAA really think that they will save more than $17,000 with these dogs anytime soon?

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