Tuesday, March 20, 2007

U of Wisconsin-Madison says No Way to RIAA

Following in the paths of other Universities, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will not be forwarding any of the current RIAA "pre-settlement" letters onto students on their network.
Consistent with current network management procedures and our understanding of federal law, UW-Madison does not plan to forward these letters directly to campus network users. We will, of course, comply with a valid subpoena.
The University continues with the following notice
However, if the UW-Madison is given cause to believe that a student, faculty or staff network user may have infringed on copyrights, it will take action. University network policies empower the CIO to terminate that person's network access until the matter is resolved. The Dean of Students office (for students) or supervisors (for employees) will be notified and other disciplinary action may be taken, as appropriate.

The Consumerist