Monday, March 26, 2007

Purdue Unviersity to Students: The RIAA is Coming, and That's Your Problem

Tens of thousands of students at Purdue University received an email from their administration last week stating that the RIAA would be sending notices of legal action against some of them. On its own, this isn't really remarkable news. What is interesting though is the way Purdue is handling the situation of cooperating with the RIAA and identifying its targets.

The university doesn't seem extremely thrilled by the new task, as Jeanne Norbert, Purdue spokesperson says, "It's time-consuming on our part because the addresses used by a computer frequently change, but we will make a good faith effort to deliver the notices to the correct person."

But what I don't get is how that ties into this part of the email sent out:

"While the university will do its best to deliver these notices to the proper individuals, it is not responsible for the accuracy of the identification or address to which such notices are sent."

So, in essence, Purdue simply doesn't care whether the right students are hit with legal notices. As long as they take care of business on their end it just isn't their problem anymore.

And as if that wasn't classless enough, the University has also made it clear that satisfying the RIAA would be incredibly cumbersome and expensive, but that they are still complying with their requests anyway.

Way to be the RIAA's tool, Purdue.

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