Thursday, March 22, 2007

HD-DVD coming to an X264 DVD near you...

Remember when I reported the first HD-DVDs were on BitTorrent at about 20gigs a piece?

In class we talked about how this size constraint was going to slow the transfer of these huge files over the internet - at least for a while. However, in the last couple weeks I have been spotting a new trend with these previously unwieldy packages.

A Normal DVD is 4.7gb ->
a good XviD compression brings that down to ≅ 715mb

A HD-DVD (or Blu-Ray) is 25gb ->
great X264 compression puts these files ≅ 4.5gb
just large enough for a standard DVD

If you do a quick search and check out one of these movies, the quality is simply staggering. You get true 720p video quality and unmatched clarity. I watched Sin City today, and every video i have seen since is a sham by comparison. Check out a few screen grabs:

Cap 0 Cap 1 Cap2 Cap3 Cap4
The quality is simply astounding.

It all just goes to show how extensive DRM work can never foil a persistent hacker.
Resistance is futile.

Guide for encoding x264 for you Mac Fanboys.
And another one for the rest of us.


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