Monday, March 26, 2007

University of Nebraska to bill RIAA $11 per Letter

In a move that will hopefully be echoed across the country, the University of Nebraska has stated that they will begin charging the RIAA's Denver based enforcement company $11 for every letter that they have to forward onto students.

Walter Weir of the university's chief information office says,
"We're spending taxpayer dollars tracking down RIAA problems. Are we an agent of the RIAA? Why aren't they paying us for this?"
In their reply, the RIAA said,
"It is neither practical nor appropriate for us to entertain a reimbursement request."
In an interesting twist of events, the RIAA sent letters to 37 students based on ip addresses, however, the university can only find nine of those students because of the way they assign ip addresses and retain the ip data.

Omaha World Herald
The Consumerist

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