Tuesday, March 27, 2007

London gamers get FREE (as in beer) HD TV

When Playstation 3 went on its midnight sale in the UK on Friday, patient gamers waited a long 36 hours to get the new console at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street. It wasn't the free coffee and coke that got them stoked as Thursday turned into Friday, nor was it the fact that they'd be the first in the UK to get Sony's new toy.

They had just been told they'd be rewarded for their patience and loyalty with a brand new HD TV. Everyone who waited overnight also received a free taxi cab ride home. This is both a great publicity stunt for Sony, obviously, and also generous for a company who has been reported as losing $300 on every Playstation sold. It is a big spend for Sony..but according to a Sony spokesperson "it's all about the consumers."

What did the gamers have to say? One customer put it this way: "I'm ecstatic. Sony we love you."

from: BBC news

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