Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Machine Project "demystifies tech world"

I get a daily newsletter about events in the LA area that linked me to a cool site the other day (http://www.machineproject.com/). Machine Project is reminiscent of the Feral Robotic Dog project, though not so lofty in it's socio-political-environmental goals. It's basically a continuing education center, but there's a strong focus on technology, software programming and some (reverse) engineering tossed in there:

"The nonprofit event space and community center in Echo Park aims to encourage creativity and demystify the world of high-tech gadgetry by offering educational lectures, interactive installations, and workshops like Machine Sewing 101, Introduction to Solar Robotics, and Square Waves for Beginners.
This month: build a noise-maker from scratch in the Felt and Circuits Workshop, configure your own multimedia program computer software in the Max/MSP class, learn How Computers Work, or create an amplifier out of $5 worth of parts and a cereal box."

Just thought I'd spread the word...I may check it out myself--I'll be sure to keep you posted :)