Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Students: get paid to hack TOR this summer!

EFF is recruiting student programmers to do paid work on the onion router (TOR) this summer -- this is a technology for anonymizing Internet connections. It's intended for use by people living in surveillance societies like China, Syria, and the average American high-school.
Working on Tor is rewarding because:

* You can work your own hours in your own locations. As long as you get the job done, we don't care about the process.

* We only write free (open source) software. The tools you make won't be locked down or rot on a shelf.

* You will work with a world-class team of anonymity experts and developers on what is already the largest and most active strong anonymity network ever.

* The work you do could contribute to academic publications -- Tor development raises many open questions and interesting problems in the field of [WWW] Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

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